Revolution in the Air: Death Toll Rises in Iran

Less than a year ago, Russia was on a roll toward dominating the Middle East after President Obama’s failed ‘redline’ strategy.

Soon after that failure, the Kremlin asserted its influence in Iran and Syria, pushing back against American control in the region.

Fast-forward to day one of 2018 under Trump: Syria dares not make a move for fear of an American response, Russia has agreed to joint operations in and around the Middle East, and finally, Iran looks to be on the brink of revolution.

Reports have at least 10 dead among massive national protests with attempts at armed take-overs of police stations.

That’s a 180 turn of events in very a short time.

The question is whether Trump’s foreign policy can push Iran over the edge and fully re-establish American control of the region.

We may know the answer within days. Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Hotair…

After nearly a week of protests, unrest in Iran continues to build — and it’s starting to look like an armed conflict. The regime in Tehran now acknowledges ten deaths in clashes with security forces, claiming to have “repelled” attempts to seize police stations and military bases. The violence will likely give the mullahs a pretext to unleash its forces on dissidents, but a tipping point may be reached where it will no longer suffice:

At least 10 people have been killed in nationwide protests in Iran over the past five days, Iranian state television said Monday, a day after President Hassan Rouhani appealed for calm and urged demonstrators to refrain from violence.

State television said security forces had repelled “armed protesters” who tried to take over police stations and military bases, the Associated Press reported. It was unclear where the alleged attacks took place, though some videos circulating online have showed protesters in violent confrontations with police. Ten people were killed Sunday alone, the state broadcaster said.

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