Ridiculous: Biden Admin Opens up Fed Investigation Into Ron DeSantis

Democrats know that there’s going to be a future presidential run from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. So they attack him at every opportunity. They lie and twist things like pretzels to head him off at the pass. How desperate are they? They make a “scandal” out of him wearing white “muck boots” in a flooded area and disparaged his wife as an example of “The Handmaid’s Tale” because she wore a green dress.

Meanwhile, DeSantis puts paid to their lies by constantly showing his competence which stands in sharp contrast with Joe Biden’s continual failures.

This is what it looked like after DeSantis was able to quickly get up a temporary bridge to help the people of the island.

Government is often so slow and full of failure, it’s remarkable when we see how it can be done right.

But Democrats don’t care about that. They care about keeping power. Read more…

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