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Riley Gaines Files Lawsuit Against Lia Thomas

The fight to keep women’s sports exclusively for biological women is just beginning and will be a long one.

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines brought the fight front and center when she was forced to compete with transgender athlete Lia Thomas. Now, Gaines has upped the ante in the fight to protect women’s and girls’ sports. She recently filed a $2 million lawsuit against Thomas, who was born William Thomas, citing cheating in order to win the national women’s swimming title, and exposing himself in a female locker room.

When Lia Thomas began life, and eventually her swimming career as William Thomas, he was ranked 462 among collegiate male swimmers. Miraculously, that all changed when William became Lia. Lia Thomas trounced her biological female competitors winning the 2022 NCAA National Championships in the 200- and 500-meter freestyle races by a whopping 38 seconds. Read more…

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