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RINO Alert in Virginia: Jen Kiggans

In a recent email to voters, GOP State Senator Jen Kiggans tried to garner support for her Congressional run by blasting Democrats and their handling of Virginia’s education system, despite voting with the radical left for the very legislation that kicked off the state’s school crisis, opening girls’ restrooms up to men and forcing school districts to adopt radical, pro-trans policies against the demands of parents.

In the email sent to voters, Jen Kiggans, who is running an establishment-backed campaign for the 2nd District’s GOP nomination to Congress, tried to address the “huge issue” of education, pitting herself against Democrats she says are waging a “war on parents,” like gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe…

Despite the tough talk, Kiggans neglected to mention her vote in favor of the Virginia Values Act, an expansive piece of far-left legislation that effectively rewrote the Virginia Human Rights Act in the image of the LGBT lobby.

The act was cited by the Virginia Department of Education in forcing school districts to adopt radical “trans-affirming” policies, govern pronoun usage, and open girls’ restrooms up to men – like the those in Loudoun County, where a “gender-fluid” male who donned a skirt and used the girls’ restroom has been convicted of raping a female student and awaits trial in another case where he is accused of raping another female student. Read more…

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