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RIP to Orrin Hatch, Utah’s Longest-Serving Senator

A lawyer and a lyricist, a presidential candidate and an amateur boxer. Orrin Hatch was many things, but he’ll be most remembered as a seven-term U.S. senator and Utah’s political godfather, starting or furthering the careers of generations of Republicans.

In a statement released Sunday, President Joe Biden reflected that in their three decades together in the Senate, he came to know Hatch as “the fighter who carried with him the memory of his humble upbringing near Pittsburgh, who never humored a bully, or shied from a challenge.”

Biden remembers Hatch as the “senator who sprinted from meeting to meeting because there was too much to do. …” Referring to the longest serving Republican senator as “sharp-elbowed,” Biden also called Hatch a man of “deep faith” who possessed a “gentle soul.”

“This was the Orrin who looked out for the people who often didn’t have a voice in our laws and our country,” continued Biden’s statement. “I saw this in his efforts to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.” Read more…

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