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ROFL: US Army Releases Plan to Tackle “Climate Change”

The U.S. Army unveiled a new strategy Tuesday for dealing with global disruptions caused by climate change, which it says “endangers national and economic security.”

“The time to address climate change is now. The effects of climate change have taken a toll on supply chains, damaged our infrastructure, and increased risks to Army Soldiers and families due to natural disasters and extreme weather,” Secretary of the Army Christine E. Wormuth wrote in the introduction to the report.

“The Army must adapt across our entire enterprise and purposefully pursue greenhouse gas mitigation strategies to reduce climate risks. If we do not take action now, across our installations, acquisition and logistics, and training, our options to mitigate these risks will become more constrained with each passing year.”

Specifically, the report makes the case that the likelihood of armed conflict will grow around the world as temperatures continue to rise and the competition for resources increases. Read more…

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