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Ron Desantis vs the Leftist Courts

Florida’s Gorvernor Ron DeSantis has become a very popular figure in the conservative movement in recent months due to his efforts to push back on leftist tyranny wherever he and his administration is able to. Unfortunately, he seems to have hit quite the roadblock in the form of Judge John Cooper of Tallahasse. Earlier on Friday, the activist judge struck down the mask mandate ban the Governor has been trying to enforce, saying that they are “arbitrary” and that children lack “legal authority”. Correspondents will surely wait with baited breath to see if Judge Cooper will say the same thing regarding “legal authority” when it comes to lowering the voting age to 16 or lower.

“I conclude that this evidence demonstrates that facemask policies that follow [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidance are, at this point in time, reasonable and consistent with the best scientific and medical and public opinion guidance at this time,” Cooper wrote. “I am enforcing the bill passed by the Legislature and requiring that anyone who uses that bill has to follow all of the provisions, not some of the provisions.”

And since the CDC is as infallible as the Pope, it would seem logical that the CDC with its stellar track record be the bellwether with which judicial decisions should be made for the country’s third most populous state.

Governor DeSantis’ primary motivation for this legislative effort was not only to provide parents the authority and autonomy needed to make informed and uncoerced medical decisions for their children, but to also push back on the emerging medical tyranny that has metasticized over the last year and a half, which seems to be the globalist’s latest and most fashionable attempt to claw away humanity’s freedom and dignity. Read more…

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