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Rufo: DeSantis is Going on Offense vs CRT

Critical Race theory opponent and well-known journalist Christopher Rufo recently praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for introducing legislation to ban the racist framework in schools and corporate offices alike statewide.

The bill, called the Stop Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act (Stop W.O.K.E. Act) will according to its press release go “on the offense against both corporate wokeness and critical race theory in our schools.” The Florida governor’s legislation was introduced this past Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Education had previously enacted a rule designed to prevent CRT-inspired content in the state’s K-12 schools, both public and private.

Rufo, who according to Fox played a vital role in drafting the legislation, told Fox News on Thursday the law “abolishes and bans racialist abuse in the classroom and in the workplace.” Read more…

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