Rumors ‘Swirling’ About Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

The New York Times is reporting a big headline about ‘swirling rumors in DC’ concerning the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

We’ve heard this all before, however.

But the NYT is mum on what developments might be afoot that would justify the renewed rumors.

Some analysts argue that the second year of a presidency is typically when judges have retired.

But others argue that he’s hired new clerks for the upcoming term, potentially pointing to his intent to stay on at least another year.

Whatever the truth, it’s highly likely Kennedy will step down before 2020, which means Trump will get another pick on the Court to solidify its conservative leaning.

Here’s more from Newsmax…

Rumors that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire are sweeping Washington, The New York Times is reporting.

It marks the second consecutive year the rumors have hit the nation’s capital.

Kennedy is 81 and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the high court, the Times noted.

The newspaper said Kennedy has held the decisive vote in many of the court’s most contested cases. His retirement would give President Donald Trump the chance to move the court more to the right, according to the Times.

Kennedy is likely looking at many factors in making his decision, the newspaper said. Judicial experts believe those factors include party loyalty and the preservation of his judicial legacy.

And the newspaper noted justices usually prefer to retire when the sitting president is of the same party as the one who nominated them to the high court in the first place.

“If the incumbent president is of the same party as the president who nominated the justice to the court, and if the incumbent president is in the first two years of a four-year presidential term, then the justice has odds of resignation that are about 2.6 times higher than when these two conditions are not met,” it said.

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