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Rural Oregon Votes to Secede Into Idaho

Five rural counties in Oregon voted on Tuesday in favor of leaving Oregon and becoming part of Idaho, joining two other counties that already voted in favor of the idea last year.

The ballot measures called on officials in each county to start considering the move and are the first step of the “Greater Idaho” movement, which aims to expand the state of Idaho to include rural Oregon and part of California.

“This is why Oregon passes laws that kill industries in eastern, central, and southern Oregon. They don’t protect us from rioters, forest arsonists, or school curricula that teach kids to hate Americans and Americanism. And they pass laws that violate our conscience. We can’t let our money support their system anymore. We are outnumbered, we don’t have leverage, and things will continue to get worse,” the website reads.

The seven counties that have voted in favor of the proposal — Lake, Grant, Baker, Malheur, Union, Sherman, and Jefferson — overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

“Idaho respects traditional morality and justice, and it doesn’t get in the way of rural livelihoods. It has lower tax rate and a lower cost of living,” the group said.

“We need to unite our neighbors around the idea of moving the border so that we can convince state legislators to stop holding our counties captive in a blue state,” it added. Read more…

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