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Russia Eyes Conservative Role Amid US Woke Meltdown

For centuries, there’s been talk of Russia converging on the West, emulating it. Now, though, divergence is the new name of the game, and, as Vladimir Putin said last week, the West is moving in a direction Moscow won’t follow…

In March 2000, he told British journalist David Frost: “Russia is part of the European culture. And I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilised world.” Since then, however, he and other Russians of what one might call a ‘moderate conservative’ disposition have increasingly come to the conclusion that Europe and Russia have parted ways.

The reason, they say, is not that Russia has abandoned European values – rather, that Europe has. In essence, Europe has ceased to be Europe, leaving Russia as perhaps the only European country left standing. And here arises an opportunity for a new Russian idea – a conservative one in which Russia reinvents itself as a force for preserving what were once seen as core elements of Western civilisation: the state, religious belief and family.

It is this logic that seems to lie behind Putin’s speech last week to the Valdai Club think tank, in which he laid out his belief in what he called “moderate”, “sensible” conservatism. Read more…

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