Russia Obsession Backfires on Media, Consolidates Trump Support

Over the last week we’ve been reporting on the obsession the liberal media has with the Trump-Russia story, with most coverage on the networks eating up 90%.

And that fixation is predictably coming  back to bite them, not that they really would notice.

According to polls, Republicans are consolidating behind President Trump as the number who believe the accusations of collusion with Russia have been cut in half from 18% to 9%.

Meanwhile the number of voters who believe the media is out to get Trump is rising rapidly.

All of which begs the question: has Trump been playing the media all along?

He’s been known as a media genius for decades, and this could finally be the leftmedia’s comeuppance for their attempt to railroad Republicans.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Republicans may be consolidating behind President Donald Trump—and against the legacy media—the more the establishment press sensationalize their Russia coverage.

Despite the legacy media’s wall-to-wall coverage of various Russia-related “scandals” involving President Donald Trump’s associates since April, “the number of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who think that the Russians sought to influence the election, and that the Trump team intentionally helped them,” has plummeted from 18 percent in April to nine percent, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post pollreleased on Sunday.

The poll was conducted July 10-13. Partisan divisions in the poll were “35-23-35 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.” Its margin of error is +/- 3.5 percentage points.

On July 11, the second day the poll was in the field, Donald Trump Jr. released his emails with publicist Rob Goldstone regarding a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya that Trump Jr. eventually attended with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner during the 2016 election.

On July 12, the third day of the poll, CNN’s morning show New Day spent 93 percent of its airtime on the Russia scandal, according to a Media Research Center study. Other networks—along with other CNN shows—devoted a considerable amount of time to the Russia scandal throughout the week.

And yet, the media’s incessant Russia coverage has not even convinced that many more Democrats that Trump’s associates intentionally helped Russia influence the election. According to the poll, the number of Democrats who believe this (64%) went up just four percentage points from April. That, according to ABC, is “not a significant shift.”

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