Russiagate Hoaxmonger Elevated to NatSec Council

CNN pundit and notorious conspiracy theorist Susan Hennessey has been elevated by President Biden to the National Security Council. This is no doubt a part of the Biden Presidency’s move towards erecting a Leftist police state in the United States, using pandemic lockdowns and Leftist rhetoric about “White supremacy” and “insurrection.” The media-to-regime pipeline is getting wider under the Biden regime; let’s explain what that means.

An anti-Trump activist and CNN analyst who critics claim was a key proponent of the “Russiagate” hoax has been hired by the Department of Justice as senior counsel for the National Security Division.

CNN analyst Susan Hennessey announced Monday, “I’m very honored to be joining the extraordinary team at the Department of Justice in the National Security Division. Thank you for all the kind words. (And a huge thanks to the folks at WH PPO, agency WH liaisons and HRs who are working night and day to staff this government.)”

Critics were quick to point out Hennessey’s track record of being associated with dubious conspiracy theories such as the Steele dossier and “Russiagate.”

“Hennessey is a perfect exhibit for the authoritarian ethos of the liberal #Resistance since 2016,” journalist Glenn Greenwald noted. “That an ex *NSA lawyer* and Brookings security state loyalist became a beloved liberal pundit, now catapulting to DOJ’s national security unit, says it all:”

“Biden’s new choice for a top national security position at DOJ, ex-NSA lawyer @Susan_Hennessey is such a dishonest loyalist to the national security state that even one of her fellow Russiagate conspiracists has accused her of being a deceitful propagandist for the NSA & FBI,” Greenwald added. Read more…

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