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San Diego Joins Trump Lawsuit Against CA Sanctuary

Uber-lefties at the helm in the state capitol in Sacramento are up against the wall this week as the growing cadre of cities around the state of California openly opposing the sanctuary state now includes one of the largest: San Diego.

The City Board met early this week to vote on whether to join the suit against the state brought by the Trump administration, and by a one-sided vote of 3 to 1, the deal was done.

San Diego joins at least nine of the cities along the Mexico border where incursions by illegal aliens has been most felt most acutely.

Here’s more from Mercury News…

Leaders of California’s second-largest county voted Tuesday to officially support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s so-called sanctuary law that limits police cooperation with federal immigration agents.

The decision by San Diego County’s all-Republican Board of Supervisors comes amid a growing conservative backlash in California against the Democratic governor’s stance on immigration enforcement.

The region of 3 million residents that borders Mexico joins neighboring Orange County and at least nine other Orange County cities that have passed anti-sanctuary resolutions or voted to support the lawsuit filed last month by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The board voted 3-1, with one member absent. It pledged to file an amicus brief supporting the federal lawsuit at the first available opportunity, chairwoman Kristin Gaspar said. She expects the Trump administration to win and California to appeal, at which point the county would be allowed to file its brief.

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