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Scandal Alert: Bill Gates’ Plot to Deceive You

No. No, he is not. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is not causing an egg shortage to sell you fake eggs.

But that’s one of the online conspiracy theories about the soaring price of eggs and, more, the sudden drop in production.

“Bill Gates Invested In Artificial Eggs a Decade Before Egg Shortage,” one website reported last month. Ah, playing the long game by waiting 10 years. He’s smart, that Gates.

Politifact looked into the claim, noting that in the last 10 years, Gates has invested in multiple faux food companies, including Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. And since 2020, Gates has “held the title of the nation’s largest private farmland owner,” owning nearly 250,000 acres of farmland across more than a dozen states. Read more…

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