Scaramucci: Split With Priebus May Not Be Reparable

Any chance incoming White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci had at dismissing the family feud with Reince Priebus was dashed yesterday.

A hit story landed on the front page of the New Yorker in which the reporter spilled the beans on an interview he had with Scaramucci wherein he trashed Priebus as a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’  in a profanity laden rant about having been blocked by him for six months before President Trump finally hired him directly.

What’s more, he confirmed that he answers only to Trump, which is an indication that he may have been hired to clean house and to oust Priebus.

It’s a sort of revolving door saga at the Trump White House which looks less like a political machine and more like a soap opera.

But hey, at least the press has something other than Russia to talk about now.

Here’s more from WSJ…

President Donald Trump’s newly appointed communications director publicly acknowledged his power struggle with the White House chief of staff and said their differences may be too wide to bridge.

Anthony Scaramucci, who joined the White House last week and reports directly to the president rather than to the chief of staff, as is customary, said in a CNN interview that he and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus have been at odds.

“We have had differences. When I said we were brothers from the podium, that’s because we’re rough on each other,” he said, referring to a comment he made last week. “Some brothers are like Cain and Abel. Other brothers can fight with each other and get along.” He continued: “I don’t know if this is reparable or not, that will be up to the president.”

Mr. Scaramucci indicated to The Wall Street Journal that he has spoken to Mr. Trump about his differences with Mr. Priebus. Asked in a text message Thursday morning when he would make his case to the president, Mr. Scaramucci responded: “I spoke to him twice today.”

Mr. Priebus didn’t return a call seeking comment.

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