School Cancels Valentines Day, Institutes ‘Buddy Day’

Members of the school board for Bethel School District canceled Valentines Day this year, along with every other holiday.

Where is Bethel School District, you ask? Oregon, of course. Citing sensitivity and the need to be ‘inclusive’ of non-Christian students, the board has been selectively replacing holidays with innocuous alternatives like ‘Buddy Day’.

Thankfully there’s still a little bit of common sense left in Oregon after parents stormed a board meeting to share their ire over the decision.

Board members refused to listen to their concerns which only further inflamed the debate over political correctness run amok.

Note to the left: a strategy to offend no one nearly always offends everyone.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

The Bethel School District in Oregon is facing serious pushback after deciding to cancel Valentine’s Day and all other holidays this year, resulting in no class celebrations or card exchanges. Instead, the district renamed the day “Buddy Day” and had plans to teach students about kindness and friendship. The school board believes they are being “inclusive” to children who do not celebrate Christian holidays by just canceling or renaming them all. Parents all over the district were incensed and showed up to protest the decision at a recent board meeting.

Busy mom Amanda Loomis made sure she went to voice her opinion. “I am tired of every fun event and holiday being taken away from our kids,” she told PJM. Loomis was one of a large crowd of parents who filled the district office and spilled into the hallway to protest the holiday decision. Parents reported feeling unwelcomed by school board members who refused to change venues to accommodate the large crowd even after being notified to expect a large audience. “They tried to dismiss the meeting before anyone was even able to come in to talk,” said Loomis. “They literally turned their backs to us and hardly acknowledged anyone. I felt very unwelcome.”

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