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School District Found Spying on Parents; Doxxing to Employers

Who the hell are these people? Where do they get the stones to do something like this? You’re a school district. You’re not the Stasi. You’re not special. You’re a bunch of overpaid education bureaucrats that don’t work hard. If you have time to conduct this sort of operation, there are massive gaps in the workday. Apparently, we have a school district that spied on parents, compiled a dossier of their social media activity, and reported such activity to the employers of these problematic parents. And by ‘problematic’, I mean, they were politically conservative. This little spy game was conducted by Rochester Schools, which is located outside Detroit.

Elena Dinverno, a parent, filed a lawsuit in 2021. The Center Square has more, but this operation is straight-up insane. Dinverno alleges that the school district’s harassment led to her employment being terminated. Read more…

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