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Schools Collecting Dossiers on Dissident Parents

The President of the Scottsdale Unified School Board in Arizona was removed from his position as president on Monday night, after it was discovered that Jann-Michael Greenburg had access to an invasive dossier that sought to compile “dirt” on Scottsdale parents who oppose mask mandates and anti-white Critical Race Theory.

The dossier in question featured pictures of parents’ homes, their children, and even pictures of their license plates. Greenburg’s trove of information amounts to little more than spying on the part of a public official against his own constituents.

Big League Politics’ Richard Moorhead was present at the scene of the meeting, where approximately 100 parents and Scottsdale residents stood outside. Only 30 people were permitted inside the emergency meeting at Mohave Middle School, with community members suspecting Greenburg sought to lock off proceedings to his critics by stacking the crowd with his personal progressive cronies. Read more…

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