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Schumer Begs Biden to Ban Gunsmiths

It comes as no surprise that the federal government is continuing its crusade against ghost guns, or ready-to-assemble gun kits, also known as 80% lowers. The latest is Sen. Chuck Schumer, who demanded that the Biden administration crackdown on these untraceable firearms.

“There is absolutely no doubt about it – ghost guns continue to haunt New York, and pose a serious threat to our public safety,” Schumer told reporters earlier this week.

“We’re asking the administration to act: Close the ghost gun loophole as quickly as we can,” he added. “Stop ghost guns from coming into our city, our communities that are killing [people], particularly our kids.”

Schumer said ghost guns are sold as separate components and don’t need a background check to purchase. He warned when these components are pieced together, they create a fully operational firearm that can end up in the wrong hands of “felons” and “spousal abusers.” Read more…

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