Schwarzenegger Wants to Terminate Oil Companies

The former Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced plans to take oil companies to court for ‘first-degree murder’.

His logic?

Just like cigarette companies knew smoking was killing people, so oil companies know hot air is killing people. Or something.

So he’s going to sue those evil people who explore and refine the very thing that the entire civilization depends on for our entire way of life entirely.

But of course — since he spent too much time in Hollywood — Arnold has lost all ability for objective and consistent thought.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for him to have commuted to the governor’s mansion regularly in a fossil-fuel burning private jet and to buzz around town in his gas guzzling Hummer.

Nothing wrong there at all.

Here’s more from Climate Depot…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going after modern energy use claiming specifically that he wants to take oil companies to court “for knowingly killing people all over the world” through alleged “global warming” impacts. See: Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’

But before Schwarzenegger files his court case against oil companies, he may have to prepare to appear as a defendant in his own case!

Below is an excerpt from new The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change” By Marc Morano (Regnery Books)

Former GOP California governor and global warming activist Arnold Schwarzenegger came under fire for his near-daily private jet commute from his Brentwood home to the governor’s mansion in Sacramento. “The governor’s Gulf-stream jet does nearly as much damage to the environment in one hour as a small car does in a year,” the Los AngelesTimes reported in 2008. But not to worry, because “Schwarzenegger is well aware of this and makes amends by purchasing pollution credits for the carbon dioxide his jet releases.”

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