Season’s Beatings: Shoppers Brawl Across the Nation

Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what’s the country coming to? Each year it gets worse than the year before — if that’s possible.

The day after (or in some cases the day of) Americans join together with family and friends take note for their blessings, they join together at retail outlets across the nation with complete strangers in a melee over cheaper stuff that would make Euro soccer fans blush.

Yesterday evening and this morning typified the growing trend in which folks camped out hours before doors opened only to find, in many cases, a black eye, handcuffs and even gunfire.

Several retail locations were closed today after violence forced local police to curb any further incidents.

Black Friday has well earned its name as human concupiscence is on display for the world to see.

Is this a cultural reality that cannot be undone? God help us.

Here’s more from The Sun…

An unidentified 19-year-old boy received life-threatening injuries after being shot in the car park of a shopping center in Columbia, Missouri, last night, according to KMIZ.

And another mall in Alabama saw violence break out yesterday, where stores were forced to close early after things descended into violence.

Footage shows women punching and kicking each other, while one allegedly threw a shoe that hit a baby.

Cops are also seen pinning several people down on the floor as they try to quell the unrest.

The news comes as millions of shoppers hit stores around the world for the busiest shopping day of the year.

People resorted to desperate measures to be the first in line to grab a bargain when shops opened.

Many US stores opened their doors for their Black Friday sales yesterday evening.

But that didn’t stop thousands queuing outside for hours, with some camping through the night to be first in line.

Some lined up as early as 3am to gobble up the best deals, like Daryl Green, 50.

He was outside the Chelsea Best Buy in New York before the sun came up — and 14 hours before its doors were scheduled to open.

Daryl said: “I wanted to be the first one in line, I completed my mission.

“I’m not waiting in the long line back there, hell no!”

But others went even further than queuing, with some shoppers reportedly disguising themselves as staff to sneak in early.

People online were openly selling Walmart employee vests to desperate bargain-hunters.

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