Seattle Antifa Member Hits Police Officer in Head With Metal Bat

An Antifa militant smashed a Seattle police officer in the head with a baseball bat last night. The reporter who captured to brutal footage, Alexa Villatoro of The Seattle Collegian, promptly deleted it when she was asked to do so by Antifa Twitter users who claimed she was “endangering protestors.”

The video shows officers on bicycles riding away from the area, while demonstrators knock one of the officers off his bike. As the officer tries to get up, militants throw traffic cones at him, while people cheer and applaud in the background.

The officer sprays what looks like pepper spray. As he drags his bike away from the scene, a militant comes up behind him with a baseball bat and strikes him firmly in the head. People cheer and scream, one man saying, as the cop retreats, “let’s get that f***ing guy, let’s get him!”

Antifa militants wanted to protect the person who tried to kill the officer, and the student reporter complied with their requests. After complaints that read “please take this down, very close up (and far) video of faces and identifying clothing is super dangerous” and “Please stop endangering protestors,” the college journalist took down the video.

She wrote that “given some critical feedback, I have removed all videos that could compromise identification of protestors. I am not interested in promoting the identities of those who are involved in the demonstrations.” Read more…

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