Second Intel Cmte Member: Obama Admin Surveilled Trump Team

Yesterday the NSA indicated it would soon reveal what it believes may be a ‘smoking gun’ in the claim that the Obama administration’s ‘incidental collection’ of information about the Trump transition team was more than just incidental.

And now a second member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Peter King, is coming forward with more corroboration that the charge of Obama surveillance on Trump is 99.5% accurate.

And the shoe is about to drop today.

Here’s more from the American Mirror

A second member of the House Intelligence Committee is claiming members of the Trump transition team — and Trump himself — were surveilled while Barack Obama was in the waning days of his presidency.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes stated on Wednesday that the Obama administration had eavesdropped on Trump’s transition group, committee member Rep. Peter King is explaining more.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday, King told O’Reilly that the host’s assessment that the “Obama administration surveilled the Trump transition team” was “at least 99 1/2% accurate.”

“It’s not that the Trump people were being wiretapped. What happened was, this was surveillance of foreign individuals talking to one another in a number of occasions,” King told O’Reilly.

“And there were references in there to conversations they may have had with Donald Trump the president-elect, people on his transition team, with people close to him.

“And any time any American’s name comes up, in one of these wiretapped conversations, it’s supposed to be masked,” he said.

“Instead, in this case, reports were written not only listing the names of these people but what they heard in the conversations like, ‘So-and-so is going to meet this person,’ ‘This person is going there,’ ‘This person is doing that.’ All this information was laid out and then it was disseminated to so many people in the intelligence community but this had no intelligence significance at all,” King said.

“This was personal information that was being disseminated, and that would include people in the White House getting it.”

King said the information was given to Nunes “from somebody on the inside in response to the hearing the other day.”

The congressman said he believes Trump “overstepped” in asserting that Obama ordered he wiretap, but that he believes the information obtained from surveillance was unmasked and widely disseminated, which he called “shameful.”

King said it happened “many, many, many” reports were shared.

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