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Second Missouri County Becomes 2A Sanctuary, Authorizes Sheriffs To Arrest Gun-Grabber Feds

True #Resistance

Another Missouri county commission has signed into law legislation that will turn their county into a Second Amendment Sanctuary, impervious to any unconstitutional gun control directives passed by the Biden administration, Merrick Garland’s department of Justice, or other federal sources. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that an order had been signed by Mercer County Sheriff Jose Lopez and the Mercer County Commission that will authorize county sheriffs to place any and all federal agents attempting to enforce anti-Second Amendment orders in Mercer County under arrest.

“This morning (02/22/2021) Sheriff Lopez and the Commissioners of Mercer County, Jerry Allen, Shane Grooms and Zachary Martin, signed into effect the ‘Mercer County Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act’. This is a step in the right direction when it comes to protecting the law abiding citizens of Mercer Counties second amendment rights,” the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office stated in a Facebook post. Read more…

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