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See What News Networks Discover at the Border

Lo and behold, some of the legacy media and cable news channels are discovering the Biden border crisis. There have actually been news reports on-air and published online from the likes of MSNBC, CBS, and CNN that show the humanitarian crisis created by Joe Biden on the U.S.-Mexico border. The administration is bracing for the explosion in the number of migrants crossing the border that is predicted in less than a week when Title 42 ends. That happens in just six days – December 21.

The reason for the sudden interest after two years of the ever-growing Biden border crisis is the stories coming out of El Paso, Texas. El Paso is experiencing a surge of thousands of migrants coming to the city and one 20 bus caravan was even escorted to the border by Mexican police. That caravan alone brought 1,000 migrants into El Paso, as they left the buses and crossed the border into Texas. Facilities and resources in El Paso are now so overwhelmed that hundreds of migrants are being released into the streets because there is nowhere to house them. Read more….

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