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See Why Amazon Is Excluding Conservative Christians

Scrolling through Amazon to find the perfect Christmas gift for your niece? Did you know that the moment you click “buy” on that doll, you can support a charity of your choice with some of the proceeds of every purchase?

Of course, Amazon won’t let you support just any cause. Your shopping can’t help violent white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan, or antisemitic groups like the Nation of Islam, or supporters of that notoriously evil cause, religious liberty.

Take the Alliance Defending Freedom, for example. ADF, one of the premier legal nonprofits in the United States, which has won several cases at the Supreme Court in recent years, has been excluded from Amazon’s charity service Amazon Smile. Meanwhile, the notorious scandal-plagued Southern Poverty Law Center—the organization that got ADF blacklisted in the first place-is more than happy to tell supporters that they can help the SPLC raise money without directly sending the SPLC a dime. Read more…

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