Self-Serve: Obama Lawyers Fundraise for Andy McCabe

So you might have heard about the successful GoFundMe campaign to raise support to help with poor Andrew McCabe’s legal defense.

It didn’t do too shabby after pulling in half a mil.

But somebody decided to do a little digging, given that Obama’s trail of corruption almost always leaves a smoking gun.

And sure enough, there’s more to the story.

First, the folks who set up the GoFundMe weren’t heartfelt do-gooders who felt bad for Andy. They were staffers for The Bromwich Group, the K-Street Obama PR firm.

But wait, there’s more. The head of that group also happens to be McCabe’s attorney.

So a GoFundMe campaign is set up by McCabe’s attorney to help McCabe pay for McCabe’s attorney. Convenient.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI who was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions little more than a day before he was set to retire and receive his pension, was recently the recipient of the bountiful generosity of good Samaritans who donated to his legal defense fund via a GoFundMe account set up by “friends.” (The account ceased taking donations on April 2, transferring that task to a “more formal legal defense fund”.)

It’s a tall order making McCabe, a wealthy Washington attorney, appear a destitute victim in need of financial help; but that, indeed, is what these “friends” managed to accomplish, raising over a half million dollars for poor old Andy.

So who were these grand pals that helped McCabe cover the potential costs of lying to Congress?

None other than a K Street PR and consulting firm with ties to the Obama administration called The Bromwich Group.

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