Sen. Graham: Ask Every Democrat About 2nd Amendment

We reported earlier on former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ outrageous argument in the Washington Post that the Second Amendment should be repealed.

And now the leftist media and Democrats — particularly those in red states — are scrambling to disavow the idea ahead of the November elections.

Stevens did quite a disservice to the gun-control campaign after Parkland by finally validating arguments by conservatives that confiscation is the ultimate end-game of the left.

And now Sen. Lindsey Graham has a brilliant idea: put every elected Democrat on the record and force them to agree or disagree with Stevens.

Of course, we all know the media won’t do that. It’s too obvious.

Here’s more from Hotair…

We just had an eminent left-leaning jurist promoting the idea on the op-ed page of the paper of record. Seems like fair game! If congressional Republicans can be cornered for reaction every time some party member brain-farts a hot take about a divisive issue, our fearless media should be able to twist some Democratic arms over just how far they’re willing to go to take guns out of the hands of midterm voters.

Some members of that media are too busy reassuring themselves that no one is proposing this idea despite John Paul Stevens having proposed it literally yesterday.

No one’s calling for Second Amendment repeal? Here’s data from YouGov that’s a month old. Question: Do you favor or oppose repealing the Second Amendment?

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