Senate Seat in Blue Colorado Could Go to GOP

Both parties quietly say the Colorado senate seat currently held by Democrat empty suit Michael Bennet could very well flip to GOP challenger Joe O’Dea – despite him lagging far behind in every poll taken so far.

O’Dea runs a successful construction company and has never held or run for public office before this year. Nevertheless, earlier this month CNN rated the O’Dea-Bennet race as one of the “10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022,” and today POLITICO reports that “top party operatives have mused that Joe O’Dea is the best Republican candidate running.”

Colorado has very quickly turned from a swing state to deep blue. No Republican has won statewide office since 2014, the same year Democrats promulgated all-mail-in voting.

Not that I’m implying anything – wink, wink.

So the multimillion-dollar question – with both parties now throwing massive amounts of money at the race – is this: Why does anyone think that a low-polling neophyte Republican has any chance against an entrenched Democrat? Read more…

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