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Senator Manchin Accuses Biden of Deceiving Americans on Emissions

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said Tuesday that he would support Congress overturning the Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposed rule limiting tailpipe emissions for vehicles, describing the effort as a “Trojan horse” to promote electric vehicles that could risk undermining national security.

In a statement, Manchin said the EPA is “lying to Americans” with “false claims about how their manipulation of the market to boost EVs will help American energy security.”

“In reality, this is a Trojan horse,” Manchin said. “To meet these timelines will mean strengthening our reliance on minerals and technologies controlled by the Chinese.”

Manchin said that the rules, combined with the administration’s implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean vehicle tax credits, will “only result in a more energy-secure and powerful China.” Read more…

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