Shock Chart: Media Has Officially Jumped the Shark on Trump

That the mainstream media has become absolutely obsessed with the objective of taking down the Trump administration since the election is a statement of the obvious.

And it’s so far beyond sensational, it’s now well into the realm of delusional. Until this week it was only conjecture based on observation.

But now the Daily Signal has revealed actual research in a graph that demonstrates how overwhelming the mainstreams’ coverage has been of the Russia probe versus all other legitimate subjects in DC.

It’s almost off the chart.

If anyone dare defend CNN and friends, this graph should shut them up fairly quickly.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The laser-like mainstream media focus on all things Donald Trump since November of last year has been overwhelming, perplexing and even a little bit frightening to watch. It has been strange to watch previously trusted institutions begin to relinquish their own integrity and sanity. As they relentlessly pursue the collapse of the Trump administration they have instead brought about signs of their own collapse.

Nothing can illustrate this point better than the recent, mind-boggling kerfuffle after CNN hilariously brought on their own humiliation by covering the story of their own blackmail attempt…over a GIF.  

Hoisted by their own petard, as they say.

As amusing as the whole incident was, it points to a larger problem of plummeting trust between the public and the media. Most Americans don’t have their head in the news all day every day like those of us in the business, but they do have a sense that other things are happening while CNN and their cohorts air wall-to-wall coverage of Trump/Russia/Covfefe every single day.

The Daily Signal released this graph in a tweet today that illustrates the shocking decline in mainstream media credibility during the first months of the Trump presidency (can you believe we’ve barely crossed the six month mark?). Last month the national network evening news programs covered Trump/Russia for a total of 353 minutes. The war in Afghanistan received 4 minutes. Obamacare repeal – you know, the one that would cause millions of Americans to suddenly drop dead where they stood because their insurance options widened – received a mere 17 minutes of coverage.


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