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Shock: NATO Bigwig Publicly Endorses Nuking Russia

Huge controversy has erupted in Germany over the country’s nuclear deterrence posture towards Russia after provocative words by the country’s Christian Democrat caretaker defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. She said NATO is “prepared” and ready to activate its nuclear arsenal against Russia if it attacks a member of the military alliance. It appears she was advocating for a “first use” policy when it comes to Russia, in order to dissuade any potential future aggression.

She said in an interview early this week: “We have to make it very clear to Russia that in the end – and that is also the deterrent doctrine – we are prepared to use such means so that it has a deterrent effect beforehand and no one gets the idea, for example, the areas over the Baltic States or in the Black Sea to attack NATO partners…”

“NATO defense ministers agreed a new master plan on Thursday to defend against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts, reaffirming the alliance’s core goal of deterring Moscow despite a growing focus on China.” Read more…

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