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Shocker: Trump’s Visit to Javier Milei in Argentina!

Former President Donald Trump is set to visit Argentina’s recently elected libertarian populist President Javier Milei in Buenos Aires, as announced by Milei’s press team following a conversation between the two leaders. However, specific dates for the visit have not yet been disclosed.

This anticipated visit comes after the 45th President publicly extended his congratulations to Milei for his remarkable performance in the Argentinian elections. Initially viewed as an outsider and a wildcard candidate, Milei’s success garnered attention, prompting Trump to praise him, expressing pride and confidence in Milei’s ability to revitalize the country.

Trump’s supportive message to Milei emphasized his belief in the new president’s potential to bring positive change to Argentina. He conveyed, “A very congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for President of Argentina. The whole world was watching, and I am very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly make Argentina great again: Congratulations.”

In response to Trump’s congratulatory remarks, Milei expressed gratitude to the former President on X (previously known as Twitter). Milei thanked Trump and suggested that Trump’s presidency serves as an example for individuals advocating freedom. Milei also conveyed his hope for an imminent meeting with Trump, emphasizing their shared values in championing liberty, concluding with an emphatic declaration, “LONG LIVE F*CKING FREEDOM.”

The exchange between Trump and Milei highlights the latter’s unexpected victory in the elections and the supportive stance taken by the former President, hinting at a potential meeting that underscores their mutual admiration for principles centered on freedom and reform.

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