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Shocking! Biden’s CIA Met With Epstein After Convictions

An official who served under the Obama and Biden administrations arranged private meetings with the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after Epstein was convicted of child sex crimes.

Townhall reported on April 30 that “Jeffry Epstein’s private calendar reveals an official who served under the Obama and Biden Administrations had close ties to the convicted late sex offender.” Townhall is referring to Biden’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director, William J. Burns, who also served under former President Barack Obama.

Burns’s meetings with Epstein were scheduled after the latter was jailed in 2008, Townhall reported. It is not clear whether the scheduled meetings actually occurred or not. The purpose of the meetings is also not known.

Despite the fact that Epstein had already been convicted on child sex charges at the time of Burns’s meetings, CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp tried to claim Burns was totally ignorant and innocent. Burns supposedly wanted advice only as he sought to leave the government position that he had at the time, in 2014. Read more…

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