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SHOCKING: FBI Operatives Inside Capitol on Jan. 6!

Republican Congressman Clay Higgins, a vocal critic of the Jan. 6 Capitol protest investigation, recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson Network to discuss his concerns about the FBI’s alleged undercover presence during the event. Higgins made striking claims, estimating that approximately 200 undercover FBI assets were actively involved, both within and outside the Capitol, orchestrating entry or encouraging it from the crowd.

Higgins, among the few Republicans questioning the official narrative, stated that his estimation of 200 undercover assets is conservative, given the multitude of doors that allowed entry to the Capitol. He highlighted these assets’ apparent collaboration with local law enforcement and their role as Trump supporters inside the Capitol, familiar with navigating the building, thus raising doubts about the spontaneity of the protestors’ access.

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s refusal to provide information on undercover FBI assets during the event, citing confidentiality, has added fuel to the ongoing skepticism. Attorney General Merrick Garland, while emphasizing the extensive investigation and prosecution post-Jan. 6, used the anniversary to tout the Justice Department’s achievements.

Meanwhile, President Biden marked the anniversary with a speech at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, casting a damning light on the events of Jan. 6, stating that America was nearly lost on that day. Tucker Carlson, in his interview with Higgins, condemned what he called a one-sided narrative about the event presented by “professional liars.”

Higgins, using his experience in law enforcement, questioned the ease with which protestors found their way inside the Capitol, suggesting that FBI assets masquerading as Trump supporters may have played a pivotal role in directing them to specific areas. He described these assets’ actions as a deliberate effort to facilitate the prosecution of those involved.

The congressman accused a web of FBI assets in cahoots with extreme factions within the Democrat Party of orchestrating a conspiracy to tarnish Trump’s image and discredit the MAGA movement. He pointed to the FBI’s alleged engagement, months prior to Jan. 6, with Americans who questioned COVID-19 restrictions and the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, suggesting a larger conspiracy within the government.

Higgins emphasized the need for full disclosure of Jan. 6-related data, urging House Speaker Mike Johnson to release more information to the public, aiming to uncover the truth behind the events. He alleged a conspiracy at the highest levels of the FBI, expressing concern about compromised election cycles and subsequent investigations that, in his view, ensnared American citizens.

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