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Shocking Poll: Majority Believes Biden’s Presidency Won’t Last

A stunning majority of Americans have serious doubts about President Joe Biden’s ability to complete a second term, as revealed by a recent poll. A staggering 61% of respondents in the Harvard Caps/Harris poll expressed their belief that Vice President Kamala Harris would eventually assume the presidency if Biden were to win a second term. This sentiment was even more pronounced among Republicans, with an overwhelming 82% stating that Biden would not make it through his presidency. Notably, 35% of Democrats also harbored doubts about Biden’s capacity to serve a full term.

The poll, conducted online and encompassing 2,004 participants between May 17 and 18, also highlighted concerns about Biden’s mental acuity. A significant 57% of Americans expressed doubts about his mental fitness, while an even larger 65% felt that Biden’s age rendered him unfit for office. These concerns have been raised by prominent figures such as Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, who have called on Biden to undergo a mental acuity test. However, Biden has consistently refused to take such a test, opting instead to address the issue publicly.

In response to questions about his age and mental health, Biden provided a rather vague and evasive response, stating that he couldn’t even remember his own age and suggesting that people should judge his capabilities based on his performance. While claiming to understand the need for scrutiny, Biden failed to address the growing concerns about his mental sharpness. Despite his reassurances, it is clear that a significant portion of the American population remains unconvinced about his fitness to lead.

These poll results shed light on the deep-seated doubts harbored by Americans regarding Biden’s longevity in office. The widespread perception that Harris may eventually replace him further fuels speculation about his ability to effectively govern. As the Biden administration faces numerous challenges and critical decisions, the question of his stamina and mental aptitude will continue to loom large, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future of his presidency.

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