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SHOCKING: Soros and Fortress Snatch Up Failing Vice Media

Vice Media, once valued at $5.7 billion, embraced woke ideology and will now be bought out of bankruptcy by Fortress Investment Group and Soros Fund Management for $400 million.

According to insiders, this acquisition deal would eliminate all stockholders, including TPG, Sixth Street Partners, and James Murdoch. The plan also entails wiping out the debts held by TPG and Sixth Street The Wall Street Journal reports.

Fortress Investment Group, the company’s largest debtholder, is expected to take over management control. The hedge fund is said to have a role for Vice co-founder Shane Smith, who will most likely play a part in the company’s future direction.

Reports from earlier this week indicated that Vice was reportedly planning to file for bankruptcy in the coming weeks.

This move follows the recent closure of Vice World News, a global reporting initiative, which many saw as a departure from the company’s roots in gonzo journalism. Read more…

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