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Solyndra 2.0: Dem Bigwig’s Electric Car Boondoggle

A nearly decade-old short movie by the name of Fast Terry has resurfaced online ahead of Election Day in Virginia, re-exposing the long history of seedy business moves and deep Communist Chinese ties of Democrat nominee for Governor and longtime Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe. Producers bill the film as “the movie Terry McAuliffe doesn’t want you to see” before Election Day.

The 30-minute Fast Terry movie, directed by Jason Meath, funded by Citizens United, and released in 2013, profiles some of the communities unfortunate enough to have been ripped off by Terry McAuliffe and his largely Communist Chinese business associates.

The stories of shady dealings and broken promises are strikingly similar no matter where McAuliffe and his big carpetbag attempted to lay down business or political roots, and they always seem to coalesce around the green industries that McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats have so long sought to fund with taxpayer money.

Fast Terry, billed by its producers as “the movie Terry McAuliffe doesn’t want you to see” was initially released ahead of Virginia’s 2013 Election, which ultimately made McAuliffe Governor after he had suffered a humiliating defeat in the Democrat primary just 4 years earlier. Now, as an unpopular McAuliffe seeks a second non-consecutive term and Election Day closes in, the movie is once again gaining traction. Read more…

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