Soros Group Registering 1.4 Million Ex-Felons for 2020

Socialist billionaire George Soros is bankrolling progressive organizations in their schemes to turn Florida blue with the help of nearly 1.4 million ex-felons. The battleground state is already considered on the brink if the voting rights restoration skews the state Left following last year’s passage of Amendment Four… From 2000 to 2010 alone, Soros has used his Open Society Foundation to donate $50 million to the ACLU and nearly $7.5 million to the Brennan Center. For context, Donald Trump won the state with a little over 100,000 votes, or a mere 1.2%. The more important question is whether or not ex-felons will actually bother to vote. It’s hard enough getting those who aren’t felons to show up.

Here’s more form Breitbart…

Progressive organizations, many financed by billionaire activist George Soros, are working overtime to restore voting rights for Florida’s nearly 1.4 million ex-felons as the nation’s biggest swing state seems poised to play a pivotal electoral role in the 2020 presidential race.

The current battle revolves around a Florida state amendment that was passed last year restoring voting rights for felons, with progressive groups opposing a local bill that would require the state’s ex-felons to first pay civil fines and court fees before registering to vote.

Florida’s Amendment Four was approved by voters during last year’s Midterm election.

The heavily Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union and Brennan Center for Justice based in New York both served as consultants in drafting Amendment Four.

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