South Korea: North Korea Seen Moving Missiles Into Position

On October 10th, North Korea will celebrate the anniversary of the founding of its communist party.

And a week later the nation’s Communist Congress will be in session.

That might explain reports from across the border in South Korea of missiles being moved out of the rocket development center.

That likely means Kim Jong Un’s military is preparing for another provocative launch as a part of the celebration.

After claims by North Korea’s foreign minister that President Trump had declared war, the regime is due for another test-launch which has now become routine practice.

South Korea is also reporting that the USS Reagan is due off the coast of the peninsula to conduct joint naval exercises in the area.

It’s possible the Pentagon is also preparing for the possibility of having to shoot down a North Korean test-launch.

We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s more from Reuters…

Several North Korean missiles were recently spotted moved from a rocket facility in the capital Pyongyang, South Korea’s Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) reported late Friday amid speculation that the North was preparing to take more provocative actions.

The report cited an unnamed intelligence source saying South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials detected missiles being transported away from North Korea’s Missile Research and Development Facility at Sanum-dong in the northern part of Pyongyang.

The report did not say when or where they had been moved.

The missiles could be either intermediate range Hwasong-12 or intercontinental ballistic Hwasong-14 missiles, according to the report, though the missile facility at Sanum-dong has been dedicated to the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A source from South Korea’s defense ministry said he could not confirm details of the report or whether there has been any unusual activities in the area mentioned.

South Korean official have voiced concerns that North Korea could conduct more provocative acts near the anniversary of the founding of its communist party on Oct. 10, or possibly when China holds its Communist Party Congress on Oct. 18.

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