Speculation: More Trump and Romney Meetings This Week

After Donald Trump’s meeting with Mitt Romney on Saturday, the web has been abuzz with speculation for and against his nomination as Secretary of State.

And now it’s ablaze after news that they’ll be meeting a second time followed by dinner Tuesday night.

Here’s more from The Daily Mail:

President-elect Donald Trump will meet for a second time with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday to vet him as a potential secretary of state, despite scathing attacks from the woman who ran his successful White House campaign.

Trump is reportedly ‘furious’ at Kellyanne Conway for publicly slamming Romney in a series of television interviews on Sunday.

Jason Miller, a Trump spokesman, told reporters the news during a conference call Monday morning.

‘I think with the case of Governor Romney, the two quite frankly hadn’t spent that much time together,’ Miller said. ‘And so this gives them a little more time to do so.’

‘But when the president-elect is ready to announce a decision, then he will do so.’

A CNN reporter tweeted late in the afternoon that Trump and Romney will have dinner Tuesday night in addition to their second meeting.

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