State Dept.: Obama Administration Spent $9.2B on UN in Last Year

Barack Obama could do no wrong in the eyes of the globe elite at the United Nations, and he in turn adored them as mutual brethren of the socialist ubermensch. And that love came at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $10 billion dollars just last year.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

President Barack Obama’s administration spent $9.2 billion on the United Nations and organizations associated with it in its last year in office, according to a document on the State Department’s website reported by Fox News.

The document summarized the administration’s spending on international organizations. In 2010, the amount was reported in 2010 as $7.7 billion. After that, the administration stopped providing a report on how much money it gave to the UN, Fox News reported.

Overall, the U.S. spends just under $10.5 billion on all international organizations, meaning that the UN gets 88 percent of that, according to Fox News.

The report includes $360 million for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, an agency that has been accused of stirring anti-Israel sentiments and aiding in Israel terror attacks. The agency has denied those claims, Fox News’ report said.

Some funds appear to be missing.

“This report was probably put together in hurried fashion,” Heritage Foundation UN expert Brett Schaefer said.

Congress and President Donald Trump’s administration are likely to look more closely at the numbers, as both have called for closer investigations into UN spending.

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