Stealth Street Artists Support Trump with Hollywood Star Surprise

A secret conservative Hollywood street artist is taking matters into his own hands to defend President Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame…with dozens of look-alike vinyl reproductions of it stuck to the iconic sidewalk. While they can be peeled up, they can’t be axed as has happened several times to the real Trump star awarded for the show The Apprentice. The City Council may likely introduce a fine for ‘defacing’ the sidewalk. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for other stars celebrating Hollywood’s most prodigious philanderers to be removed.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

If you can’t beat them, fake ’em.

An anonymous conservative street artist in Hollywood, upset over the repeated destruction of Donald Trump’s sidewalk star on the Walk of Fame, has come up with a solution. He and a team spent about $1,000 to make vinyl reproductions of the iconic sidewalk symbol.

Overnight Wednesday, the group in what they call The Faction stuck the very real lookalikes on several dozen blank sidewalk spaces in the tourist-heavy Hollywood district.

Good luck smashing every one of those with a pick-ax, as protesters have done to the real Trump star a few times already.

The artist told The Hollywood Reporter he was bothered by the destructions of the president’s star, awarded for his successful NBC show “The Apprentice,” by Trump haters and the recent unanimous vote by the West Hollywood City Council to remove the genuine Trump star altogether.

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