Stu Scheller is Right About the Military

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller now sits in the brig for violating a gag order in a video that questioned the leaders of the US military in Afghanistan. Some may question his loyalty, but he has highlighted issues that need addressing.

One of my favorite lines from the classic American football film ‘Remember the Titans’ comprises only three words. “Attitude reflects leadership.” The United States military would do well to remember this, because as of now it is in a massive pickle.

After a poor defense of woke ideology, targeting Tucker Carlson and the embarrassing pullout of Afghanistan, there are many questions that Americans have regarding our military’s leadership. And apparently, there are people within our military forces that feel the same way. Enter Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who has been in the Marine infantry for 17 years and decided to speak up about some of the issues facing the military in a video that went viral on social media. Read more…

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