Student Booted From Class for Arguing Only Two Genders

Lake Ingle, a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was booted from class by his professor for stating that biologists only agree on two genders, not many.

Dr. Allison Downie, the professor in “Special Topics In Christianity,” charged Ingle with behavior that ‘significantly damaged the learning environment.’

Ingle’s case is being appealed to the administration since, for some inexplicable reason, the class — which explores topics in the ‘reality of white male privilege’ and ‘systemic male sexism’ — is required for graduation.

Since Ingle can’t complete the class without a written apology, he won’t be graduating either.

Calling Jordan Peterson…

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There’s a hearing scheduled for today at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) which should bear watching. Lake Ingle, a senior at the school, is set for a showdown with Dr. Allison Downie, his professor in Special Topics In Christianity. She kicked Lake out of her class a while back for being “disruptive” and disturbing his classmates during a discussion of “white male privilege, systemic male sexism and mansplaining.” He has been unable to return to class since then.

During the Feb. 28 class, titled “Special Topics In Christianity: Self, Sin, And Salvation,” Downie showed a Ted Talk by Paula Stone Williams, who is a transgender woman.

Ingle said that after the class watched the Ted Talk, Downie asked female students to comment on “the reality of white male privilege,” “systemic male sexism,” and “mansplaining,” adding that male students were to remain silent until the female students were done speaking.

The IUP student said that he waited for female students to comment, but no one spoke up. That’s when Ingle decided to give the professor his rebuttal, in which he disputed the gender wage gap, and pointed out the official view of biologists: there are only two genders.

Downie responded by kicking Ingle out of class, and demanding a written apology for his “behavior which has significantly damaged the learning environment.”

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