Student Speech Canceled for Being “Very Christianized”

A high school valedictorian’s speech is allegedly being censored and facing pushback for being “very Christianized,” according to a letter sent Tuesday.

Savannah Lefler, a senior at John Glenn High School in Michigan, recently submitted a draft for an “Honors Night” speech, which contained language criticizing other philosophies and asserting “[t]he purpose of life is to live a life devoted to Christ.”

The school’s principal responded, in part, by suggesting Lefler’s speech wasn’t inclusive enough of other faiths.

“We have a diverse student body and staff. It is one of the things I love about the John Glenn community,” said principal Michael Wegher at the end of last month.

“That diversity goes well beyond race and ethnicity, it certainly would include religious beliefs as well. We have students and staff who would identify as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindi, Sikh, Jehovah’s Witness, atheist, etc. We must be inclusive and respectful of their beliefs as well,” Wegher said. Read more…

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