Students ‘Hated’ Trump’s Speech Which Hadn’t Happened Yet

It’s that time of year again, the State of the Union Address. For most Americans, the reaction is to flip to the next channel.

But for political junkies like us, it’s time to pop the popcorn.

So here’s some fun prelude.

Campus Reform conducted a sort of ‘man on campus’ interview at NYU…a week prior to get students’ reaction to Trump’s SOTU, which obviously hadn’t happened yet.

Among the reactions were hate, outrage, contempt, and disbelief.

Clearly it’s more important to be seen as ‘woke’ and sharing the outrage du jour than actually to be honest.

Keep in mind, folks, these young people vote.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

Since it is, unfortunately, SOTU Day, we might as well have a bit of fun while we wait for this tedious, pointless charade to be over with. The Washington Examiner has the coverage of a fun video prank put together by Campus Reform. They went out to interview some students at New York University and find out what they thought about the President’s State of the Union address. (That would be the one which won’t happen until tonight.) As usual, there was no shortage of students who were all too eager to jump in with their own critique of the President’s awful speech.

College students at New York University said they hated President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union speech, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

“Quite racist, at the very least, if not up there with the most racism,” one student told Campus Reform when asked about how Trump’s remarks went.

“I didn’t watch it ’cause I couldn’t bring myself to watch it,” another said.

“It’s offensive. It is crazy, but I’m not shocked by it by what he’s done in the past,” another female student added.

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