Supreme Court set to consider high-profile election lawsuits this week

The Supreme Court is scheduled to consider a handful of high-profile election challenges at its mid-February conference taking place this week. If the court chooses to accept any of the lawsuits, they will likely be heard and decided in October. 

The cases include lawsuits filed by pro-Trump attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell in Georgia and Michigan, a lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania Republican state Rep. Mike Kelly, and two lawsuits filed in Wisconsinand Pennsylvania by former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

The lawsuits collectively allege that unlawful conduct took place in several battleground states during the 2020 presidential election, such as the unconstitutional expansion of mail-in voting by state election officials, the failure to enforce security measures for mail-in ballots, the denial of meaningful access for Republican poll watchers, and technical issues involving voting machines. Read more…

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