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Surprise: Maine Dems Rebuke Invasion Visas, Defend Loggers

There is a 500-mile plus border between this American state and a foreign nation.

Most of the people on the other side do not speak English, they use a Latin-based language; they are accustomed to lower wages compared to those in the U.S., generally.

U.S. employers, over the decades, have used the immigration laws to hire these people, thus keeping their costs down, and denying jobs to Americans.

Recently, the state government has taken steps to reduce the impact on American workers.

All of this sounds like a description of the struggles of Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) at our southern border, but it is also a portrait of what is happening — with much less fanfare — in rural Maine.

Maine’s border is 611 miles long, compared to the 1,254 miles in Texas. The long, looping Maine border consists of at least two rivers (the St. Croix and the St. John) and some straight lines. Those on the other side are mainly French-speaking Québécois. Read more…

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